The Slaughter Film Analysis

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The Slaughter

Armin presses record on the camera something they had agreed to obviously for Armin’s benefit. The lens and iris buzz as they fix their position. A red dot floats in the obscure corner, just outside the ring of light cast on the floor. It shows a large portion of the slaughter room. The table in the center glows white, while the camera tries to adjust for the stark contrast created by the sole hanging lamp. In the background, behind the shadow, the bed they shared. Armin complies with Bernd’s request hesitantly. He isn 't that interested in this part of Bernd’s fantasy. He’d rather use his knife. He kneels in front of a nude Bernd and opens his mouth wide placing each testicle between his teeth. He begins to squeeze and Bernd begins to hum. Armin bites harder and Bernd whispers “bite it off” in between rapid breaths. Saliva begins to drool from his mouth. Armin bites harder and harder. Bernd 's reaction when they burst pleased Armin. He wanted his meal to be happy. Armin turns his attention to
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Armin places the severed penis on the table. It looks artificial separated from Bernd. Armin sets the tip of his blade down against the table and draws it through the flesh lengthwise. Bernd watches as it flops in two. His eyes widen and his attention renews. He grabs half of his own severed member, gripping it with a fist as if afraid it would slip out of his fingers. It’s still warm. Armin stands silent and still waiting for Bernd’s reaction. He knows this is a dream of his. Bernd opens his mouth and bites down hard. Juices squirt between his teeth and it tastes of salty metal. The sinewy texture makes it difficult to take a bite. Bernd bites again, pulling his cheeks back to bare his molars. With his teeth gnawing hard he tugs on the meat trying to tear off a piece to chew but it is too resistant. Armin foresaw this issue and offers to cook it for them both to try. Bernd agrees, extending his arm and opening his hand. The filleted phallus is limp in his
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