The Slave Voyages: The History Of The Slave Voyages

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The Slave Voyages
The Atlantic Slave Trade, starting in 1650 and ending in 1807, was the massive shipment of African Americans from their homes in Africa to America where they would be sold as slaves and forced to work on Plantations. During its time there were over 36,000 voyages to the Africa and back resulting in the capture and the enslavement of over 12 million people. With so many excursion happening during this timeline, it has helped create a long list of history that historians can study to get a better understanding of what was going on during this period.

One of the many voyages that took place during the Slave voyages was is listed as Voyage 25488 starting in Charleston and traveling to the Congo River to purchase slaves and return to Charleston to have them sold. This voyage was led by Captain Caruth, who was the Captain of the Africa which was owned by William Boyd. 1William Boyd would buy the Africa for 9000 dollars in Charleston on September 1803. The ship left Charleston port and would arrive on May 29th, 1807 without being captured during on its journey. 2While they were docked in the Congo River; the crew would buy essential things for their trip back like rice, bread and beans for food and irons bars and rum to trade if they made other stops along the voyage. The Congo River would also where the slaves would be purchased, buying 320 of them to take back to Charleston to be sold. 3Along with the slaves, the clothing would also be bought for all of them
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