Concept Of Social Loafing

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In my application paper, I will define and explain the following psychology concepts on the following topics: sleeper effect, social loafing, ingroup bias, relative deprivation principle, and matching phenomenon. Next, I will discuss how I would apply the concepts to my personal life as well as my chosen profession of law enforcement.

First concept, sleeper effect, according to David Myers of Social Psychology (p. 232), is a delayed impact of a message that occurs when an initially discounted message becomes effective, such as we remember the message but forget the reason for discounting it. Applying the sleeper effect to my life, I experience the sleeper effect when my children are talking fast about vacationing. Often, my children
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271), is the tendency for people to exert less effort when they pool their efforts toward a common goal than when they are individually accountable. Social loafing is merely not pulling weight when assigned to a group. For example, generally, I do not sing as loud while with a group; in fact, I barely sing at all. Applying social loafing to my life, when singing with a group, I usually do not sing as loud as if I was singing solo, thinking I’m going to lose my voice. As far as my profession, I have experienced social loafing when I worked in Felony Response with several investigators not pulling their fair share of investigating, due to them not leading in a case.

Third concept, ingroup bias, according to David Myers of Social Psychology (p. 327), is the tendency to favor one’s own group. For example, whenever I would change my status, I would hang out with others who shared my same status, such as working in my department and status in relationships, such as single or married. Applying the ingroup bias to my life, when I was married, I only attended social gatherings with other people who were also married. Next, applying ingroup bias to my profession, I only attended social events with others who worked in the Felony Response Bureau with
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405), is the tendency for men and women to choose as partners those who are a “good match” in attractiveness and other traits. In matching phenomenon, choosing someone that meets one’s definition of attractiveness and who shares the same traits, such as values and responsibilities. For example, Mike is a handsome man who works just as hard as me, never half performing on his tasks. Next, applying the matching phenomenon to my personal life, I chose a partner who was attractive as well as responsible in taking care of business, such as paying bills in a timely manner and remaining employed in a career. As for applying the matching phenomenon to my profession, my partners were attractive as well as effective in performing their duties, such as excellent interrogating and interviewing
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