The Smallpox Vaccine

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The European diseases had a bigger effect than their weapons. Europeans moved into North America giving Native Americans a lot of diseases dropping there population from 24,000 to 750 by 1631- the major disease being Smallpox. This loss stopped a lot of slavery in North America. This being for better or for worse. To this day though, Smallpox is the only disease to be eradicated by vaccination. The scientist behind the smallpox vaccine was named Edward Jenner. This vaccine was introduced in 1796 and it was the first successful vaccine to be developed. Edward observed that milkmaids who previously had caught cowpox did not catch smallpox and showed that inoculated vaccinia protected against inoculated variola virus. This information plus tons…show more content…
The vaccination is released through a two-pronged needle, called a bifurcated needle, which is dipped into the solution. The needle is able to prick the skin 15 times in a few seconds and is given in the top part of your right arm. After a few days a red, itchy bump will develop. In that first week as well, the bump turns in a large (disgusting) blister that fills up (bleh) with pus and drains. The second week, the blister becomes a dried up scab. Finally, the scab falls off leaving a scar and finishing the cycle of…show more content…
He was the eighth of nine children. He went to school in the Wotton-under-Edge and Cirenceste and studied Anatomy at St. Georgies Hospital in London. Jenner studied under a prominent surgeon named John Hunter. He returned back to his home town in Berkeley to set up a medical practice. Jenner 's hometown was in a community so most his patients were farmers who worked with cattle. During this time smallpox was a widespread disease and was a significant cause of death. Jenner was in a rural era so when smallpox hot Berkeley everyone who got cowpox (a disease from cattle) didn 't get smallpox. Now all Jenner needed was to test out his theory. Then a women with blister in her hand came to Dr. Jenner, he saw she had cow pox so he drew her blood and mixed it with other things to complete the vaccine. In 1998, he officially put out his findings. Edward Jenner died in

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