The Smell Of Fresh Paint Summary

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I think it would have been more effective if it was told in the view of the narrator. If it was told in a different view, we wouldn’t know the narrator's thought or feelings. Also being told in first person lets the story be told as true as possible instead of having it be told of a speculator. LIke in the email by Sergeant Tina M.Beller, “The Smell Of Fresh Paint”, and the short story “International Reality Consultants,LTD.” by Amy VAughan. Being in the view of the narrator is more effective than being in another point of view. The narrator telling his/her experience can make us see how that person is feeling. In the email from Tina Beller, we can see how she was shaken up by her experience of that attack. “At any rate, I am just writing to let you know that physically I remain unharmed. Emotionally and mentally is a different story.” (Beller 20). Besides, seeing how shaken up Tina was, we also saw that she felt guilty not being able to save those workers. “They also told me that it wasn’t my fault, and I…show more content…
“ I still wonder: why didn’t I just go in through the front window since it was all blown out? Had I gone through the window, maybe then I would seen the dead guy, the third casualty,...” (Beller 21). Another thought that was important to the story was, “... Why isn’t he listening to me? Why isn’t he getting up?” (Beller 21). This showed us that Beller was second guessing herself and feeling guilty of not being able to save that person. Also in the short story, “International Reality Consultants, LTD.”, the narrator is also thinking if the man is crazy. “I was starting to think this is really was some kind of joke. It was absolutely ludicrous.” (Vaughan 21) The readers can tell that the narrator is saying how that the man telling someone what to do is absolutely crazy. We can see how the narrator might react to the
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