The Smoke Creature Analysis

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In the piece there is a reference to a myth, it is mostly likely referencing to the smoke figure that is grasping the woman. The home of the smoke figure seems to be at that forest, due to the woman sitting on a tree branch with some roots and shrubbery around her. The lady might have been waiting for indicated by the cloth she is sitting on or she could have been modeling for a painting and the creature just appeared but there is no definite answer. The sky also seems very dark so it could be that the smoke creature can only coming out during cloudy day or when the sun begins to set. From the way the smoke creature is grasping the women and getting close to her face with its face, I cant tell if the creature is evil or good or just wanting love, the woman however looks to be locked in some kind of trance.…show more content…
Taking a second look at the piece it seems that the women is actually embracing the smoke creature this might further back up my theory about the smoke creature being able to manipulate people by changing into people they know. In conclusion the piece is referring to a mythical creature the smoke creature, which could be an Enenra a mythical smoke creature from Japanese legend. This piece was probably based off the creature from Japanese legend but that just a speculation since the smoke creature of Japanese legends comes out of bonfires and there is none seen in the piece
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