The Sniper: A Short Story

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On the day of the homecoming, the Sniper was thinking whether he should tell his parents that he killed his brother or just stay silent until they found out that he was dead. For a moment, he thought that the best thing to do was to tell the truth, and say that it was an accident. As the truck carrying the Sniper and the rest of the republican army approaches his stop, he suddenly decided to keep his mouth shut and act like nothing happened. When the Sniper’s family saw him, they were crying tears of happiness to see him alive. “What happened to your arm?” his mother asked as she saw the wounded arm of her son. “Got shot by the other side,” he explained quickly. Later that day, the bus for the Free State’s army arrived across the battlefield. The Sniper felt guiltier as the train came to a stop. Soldiers found their family members…show more content…
The general did not have the answers because the soldiers painted their faces to cover their identity. The father threw his fist onto the table and left in rage slamming the door behind him. The Sniper decided that he should let his family know what happened during the war after his brother’s funeral. The family was stoned when they heard about what happened. His mother felt betrayed and disrespected because her own son lied to her. On the other hand, the father was furious. They didn’t know what they should do. At first, the father thought that a punishment was the best thing to do. However, his mother decided that they should just forgive him because it was an “accident” and he didn’t mean it. Now, the Sniper regrets telling his family what happened. Although the rest of the family supports his mother’s idea, his father could win the argument. He is described as a “psycho killer” since he was accused of first-degree murder when the Sniper was young. The Sniper was afraid of the punishment so he decided to return to the army again to serve another
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