The Sniper And Cranes: A Literary Analysis

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Why would we fight in a place that we call home? Civil wars pits us against each other, and tears apart family and friends. “ The Sniper” and “ Cranes” both depict the theme that war tears apart humanity and makes the innocent hard to point out. Although these two stories may seem similar, they are very different in some aspects.

At a glimpse, “ The Sniper” and “ Cranes” share many similarities. One similarity of both stories is that they are set in a civil war. Another similarity is both stories deal with people who have some kind of relationship to the enemy. In “ The Sniper” , the sniper’s enemy was his brother, and in “ Cranes” the main character met his childhood friend Tokchae. Also in both stories the main characters have friends or family on the other side of the war, and the main character is left ultimately with a dilemma. …show more content…

One example is the setting in both stories are completely different. “ The Sniper” is set in Dublin, Ireland, in the 1920s with the Republicans who wanted Ireland to be free. And the Free Staters who wanted Britain to rule over them. In “ Cranes” it is set in Korea in the 1950s in a northern village near the thirty-eighth parallel. Another difference is that in “ The Sniper” the Republican sniper carries out his duty legally. He kills the enemy sniper in self defence because the enemy shot him first, and although he regrets it later it was legal. On the other hand in “ Cranes” Songsam actually betrays his duty for Tokchae. Songsam eventually releases Tokchae from his binds, which was

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