The Sniper Literary Analysis

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The overall thought of the story “The Sniper” could be thought of in many ways, but this is the right way. To start off, The theme the author is trying to convey in “The Sniper” By Liam O’Flaherty is that war can turn humans into objects. Humans are no longer are people, they are just things being shot at from far away and nothing more. For example, the story shows support of this when the sniper was in battle with the man from across the street. He never knew who he was, he was just shooting at his mission, his job, his duty. He never had a sense of who he was shooting at, and he later discovers that mistake.“He felt a sudden curiosity as to the identity of the enemy sniper whom he had killed.” This is the one and only quote I can use in this story. The main…show more content…
He shot her in cold blood, and left no thought for her, no sense. This woman was just a object in her path. The sniper had no care for the people he killed. Similarly, the man also had no sense as to what he had done after he killed the man, he didn’t know fully what he did, he didn’t know what to do. The man after he had completed his mission just stood there, didn’t show a whole lot of sympathy for the people after he killed them, Just another case where the man was just shooting at an object. In conclusion, I think we can learn something from the snipers mistake, that may be simply knowing what you are doing. The sniper never knew what he was doing when he took the life of his brother, of the lady, of the gunman. We all need take a step back and recognize what could be affected from your actions. Weather that’s the theme of treating a human like they should be, or just learning from your mistakes. I’d like to say that overall the theme I shared you makes sense, he always showed that he was in a confused state and never knew what he had
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