The Sniper Mood Analysis

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There are many assets to help portray mood throughout various types of literature. Mood helps to develop the tone that the author is presenting. Mood can affect one’s surroundings as well as how they act and handle the situation they are placed in. The feeling that the author demonstrates is anticipated to pull emotion from the reader. Liam O’Flaherty displayed the mood of the short story The Sniper through setting, conflict and character.
All humans react differently depending on the circumstance. One can either turn it into a positive or negative scenario. The setting of The Sniper was a big element in developing the mood. It was night time, twilight to be more specific, in Dublin, Ireland when this short story took place. “The long June twilight faded into night. Dublin lay enveloped in darkness but for the dim light of the moon that shone through fleecy clouds, casting a pale light as of approaching dawn over the streets and the dark waters of the Liffey.” (O’ Flaherty 1). The protagonist in this story was alone on the roof. His life was on the line up there and could not give away his position. It was nighttime, meaning it was silent which added to the loneliness atmosphere the author was trying to show. He was
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All of the characters in The Sniper possessed different outlooks and goals for the outcome for this tragic event. Everyone fighting in the civil war was just a body in the sniper’s eyes. If he had thought about who he was killing and possibly recalled memories they shared, he would second guess himself. This could have been seen as heartless to some but he did what he thought was best for him. He was very independent in this way. The sniper did not have anyone to take care or look after him. The enemy in this story added suspense to the atmosphere. They had no sympathy towards when the sniper got shot. They were sneaky in this
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