The Sniper Short Story

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“The Sniper” is a riveting story about an intelligent man at war, who may have made the biggest mistake of his life. He mistakenly killed his own brother in the midst of the battle. “Lather and Nothing Else” is a suspenseful story leaving you on the edge of your seat. A man must make the decision; to kill his greatest enemy or let him go like any other client. The stories leave you wanting more, needing more details. As the authors take you on an emotional rollercoaster, through all the ups and downs the characters face. While the characters have many differences, there are also many similarities the reader may have missed. Showing that the characters may not be so different after all. Although the two stories may seem entirely different,…show more content…
In contrast, they do have some noticeable differences. In “The Sniper” you will notice that he is very calm and quick on his feet. He is good in stressful situations, the sniper is prepared to face all challenges coming his way. Even once he got shot he stayed calm and doctored his wound all while creating a plan. On the other hand, the barber immediately began to panic once Torres simply entered his shop. He was anxious. Throughout the story, you begin to identify the barber as a nervous man who doesn 't handle pressure situations very well. Another variation between the two characters is the barber could not take another man 's life. He struggled with the thought of murder, he couldn 't live with the fact he killed someone. Meanwhile, the sniper killed to stay alive. When he saw the enemy car and the informer he didn 't hesitate to kill them. He knew they were threats and he understood he needed to shoot. His brain was ‘wired’ to kill the enemy and any threat was to be terminated. While reading you will notice that the sniper is a republican, while the barber is a revolutionary. Not only do they have different beliefs but they fight their battles differently. The barber is secretly fighting for his country by being a messenger, telling the revolutionaries about Torres’ rebel attacks. On the other hand, the sniper is openly fighting for his country in the war. He was in the battle killing his enemy, he fought for his beliefs physically, which differs from…show more content…
With this in mind, you will notice that the two characters are not as different as they seem. The sniper is an intelligent man who is fighting for what he believes in. He stays calm through the battle no matter the challenges he faces. He thinks critically all a while he is fighting for what he believes in. Through this, the reader will notice that he that even though he is at war, taking others lives, he feels remorse. The barber is portrayed as a kind, simple man whose reputation is very important. He supports what he believes in and he does everything in his power to help make a difference. He treats everyone equally and thinks about future when making decisions. Now that the information is all on the table you can see that their internal actions are actually quite
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