The Snoop Next Door Analysis

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"Salvation" is a simple yet complex passage. Various characteristics of "Salvation" can be linked to other stories written by different authors. To clarify, the tone "Reunion" emits is similar to “Salvation” and "The Deer at Providencia" has a comparable conclusion. In addition, "The Snoop Next Door" and "Salvation" both contain a similar nonfiction structure. By dissecting the three passages, sections can be found within that connect them to "Salvation".
In comparison to “Salvation,” “Reunion” creates a feeling of uneasiness for the reader. To illustrate, Charlie's father is obnoxious and causes a scene at every place they visit. For instance, at the first restaurant he takes his son to, he yells, "Kellner! Gar"çon! Cameriere! You!" and is kicked out. They make their way to a new restaurant where his boisterous attitude causes another scene. As the father is ordering drinks, he fails to pronounce a word in his drunken state. After the waiter politely corrects him, Charlie’s father picks a fight with the employee. Because of the father's explosions and indecent words, the tone of this passage, like that of “Salvation,” is unsettling. In “Salvation,” Langston’s description of the revival in his church
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However, the two stories differ in plots. For instance, when Dillard, the main character in “The Deer at Providencia”, looks at a photo on her mirror of the burn victim she met in the past, only painful memories flood her mind. The burn victim cried, "Why does God hate me?" He blamed God for what had happened to him. His feelings were akin to Langston's when he fails to see Jesus the night at the Revival. He states, " I didn't believe there was a Jesus anymore, since he didn't come to help me." The pain that the burn victim and Langston feel are equally strong, but the stories behind their pain are
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