The Snowman Symbolism

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In the novel, Jem and Scout have the exchange, “‘Jem, I ain’t ever heard of a nigger snowman.’ I said, ‘He won’t be black long,’ he grunted.” This exchange between Jem and Scout represents race relations. The symbolic meaning of piling on the mud to the snowman is how trivial the divisions between black and white are. Furthermore, the clothing of the snowman also has significance. In the novel, “He stuck her sunhat on the snowman’s head and jammed her hedge-clippers into the crook of his arm. Atticus said that would be fine.” Throughout the chapter, the snowman is referred to as “he.” They even put made the snowman look like Mr. Avery. Them putting the Miss Maudie’s sunhat on the snowman represents that gender divisions are not important in
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