The Social And Social Consequences Of Human Genetic Engineering

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Everything in life has a system. A system of equations, a subway system, and even your organ system, all able to operate at close to near perfection as the known. However, if one of these system are manipulated into the unknown the results might be disastrously: a crash or organ failure. With human genetic engineering, the societal results are entirely unknown. Human genetic engineering is a cause that will expand the belief in what is justifiable in the areas of philosophical, moral, and ethical backgrounds. Despite the benefits human genetic engineering, it can also lead to negative social and psychological consequences such as a creation of an underclass (Napolitano, Oladele), and a loss of individuality. Human genetic engineering will cause more social consequences that will evidently outweigh its benefits. The future for human genetic engineering is one of an economic powerhouse. In a society based on capitalism and materialism, the desire to have the next designer genetic trend is almost to be expected. Biotech companies would attempt to monetize off of certain genetic advantages such physical attractiveness and intelligence if effort to please the more privileged members of society. In the system of capitalism, this kind of expensive technology would not be profitable if ability to everyone. (Simmons), This will inevitably lead to a creation of an underclass, a society who is inability to afford the genetic cures and/or advantages thus creating a race who genetic

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