The Social And Social Impact Of Medical Tourism

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Medical Tourism is an industry which can best be described as the multibillion-dollar business. The economic and social impact of this lucrative business practice has not been fully explored. Some people think that the standard of care, knowledge transfer, quality and the system of funding that is linked to medical tourism has led to a positive impact on the quality of care offered in countries which are developing and enhanced systems of care. The preamble of this article is establishing the impact medical tourism has had on the social order as well as the economic impact it has had as a result of them. In striving to achieve the goals mentioned above, the paper is divided into three main sections. The first section will studies which have established the social issues of medical tourism; the second section will review research studies on economic effects of medical tourism. After that, a conclusion on the ultimate social and economic issues of medical travel will be done by the author of this article. Social Issues of Medical Tourism Medical tourism has led to a growth in popularity of some countries. Hungary, for instance, can be regarded as a medical tourism hub with up to 1.8 million reported figures annually. o The other hand, Thailand has published over 1.5 million medical tourists annually. The large numbers of tourist enhance the popularity of a country which has a positive outcome to the economics of a nation regarding income generation. Nevertheless, most of the

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