The Social Causes Of Crime

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In this essay I will be discussing the social phenomenon crime and how it would go about compromising the safety of the immediate society, the way it is caused along with the effects and how it can be prevented. Crime is referred to as one Harmful act or omission against the public which the State wishes to prevent and which, upon conviction, is punishable by fine, imprisonment, and/or death.
This issue is very important to discuss because it might happen to anyone at any time. Crime is unpredictable and can cause great damage to the society and even dreadful harm to the person who is on the receiving end of this bitter but yet brutal social factor. People get killed and homes get destroyed. A whole lot of people’s lives are being tormented.
I have been a victim of crime more than once and coming from the township, it is of constant frequency to hear people talk about how they are affected by crime or even hear perpetrators talk about their crimes.
Crime can be caused by a whole lot of endless reasons and motives involved. There are different types of crime which involve big risks and small ones too. Petty crimes are crimes that need to severe or lethal punishing crimes like stealing sugar from the house is one example. But major crimes that put people’s lives in danger and might tamper with the way people are leading their lives is considered to be unacceptable and inappropriate. Crimes

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