The Social Causes Of Suicide

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Robin William was one of the best comedians I have ever come across in my life. Watching his shows made me laugh and enjoy. But it was the most shocking news that woke me up on 11th August 2014. The news of his death. But it was more unpleasant to know that it was not a natural death, but SUICIDE. Why would such an informed person commit suicide? What was the helplessness that made him commit suicide? Suicide has become an everyday phenomenon around the world. Even though we are only aware of a few such incidences through the news, it is way more than it appears on media. It is just when a high profile celebrity commits suicide, which gives the whole attention of the media and the headlines of the news bolds out the incidence. But the rate at which suicide is increasing is a matter to be concerned about. In fact, according to the World Health Organization data on suicide, 11.1 out of every 100,000 people have died by committing suicide (WHO 2011). Another shocking fact would be that there were, 38,364 suicides in 2010 in the United States, which is an average of 105 per day (CDC 2012). Emile Durkheim, the French Sociologist was the first one to explain that suicide was related more to social facts which were related to the social structures of the society, rather than on individual matters. In this argument, he tried to explain that it was not the individual 's thinking or behavior that matters, rather there are facts in the society which are more responsible to the cause

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