The Social Construction Of Gender Identity In Society

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This week’s reading focuses on gender identity. Gender identity is how one is identifies. In addition, your gender identity may or may not be your sex that was assigned during birth. There’s also gender expression and it means how one looks which is the physical appearance. This is usually expressed through clothing. I didn’t know what gender nonconforming was before the reading. I learned that in the book Our bodies, ourselves, they stated “gender conforming refers to people whose gender expression is neither clearly masculine, or does not conform to mainstream society’s expectations of gender roles (74)”. This shows that this week reading is significant. The readings are imperative because it shows how gender constructing plays a role in everyone.…show more content…
This shows that sex doesn’t come to play until puberty. According to the article “The social construction of gender” by Judith Lorber, she claims “gender is one of the major ways that humans begins organize their lives (141).” Gender makes a huge impact on everyone. Society uses gender and age grades. It creates the social differences that define woman and man. In the article “New orientations asexuality” by Karli CeranKowski and Megan Milks” they stated “the modest attention human asexuality has received has come mainly from medical and psychological discourse, which has acknowledged asexuality only relatively recently, and then solely in pathologizing terms (349)”. The definition for asexual is a person who doesn’t experience sexual attraction. There’s the asexual movement that challenges sex positive feminist 's view of asexuality as

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