Comparing The Social Contract In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The social contract is the idea of trusting others in exchange for general security. Friendship is another term used to describe the social contract. The social contract allows for a better more peaceful society, until someone breaks the contract. In the book “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck two men are searching for jobs during the great depression, one who is mentally challenged, Lennie, and another one who cares for Lennie, named George. Lennie is continuously getting into trouble and causing problems for George. Lennie snapped the neck of Curley 's wife. In retaliation to Lennie’s actions George shot Lennie because of justified anger, mercy, and necessity.
George killed lennie because Lennie was a burden to George, and George was
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Lennie was too strong for his own good, his obsession with petting soft things was a danger to others. The “trouble with mice is that [Lennie] always kill ‘em” (13). Lennie’s inability to control his strength made him a danger to society, meaning the only option was to kill him in order to prevent Lennie from harming others. Additionally Lennie has no ability to think for himself making him easy to manipulate and control making it easier to force him into doing bad things. George turned “to Lennie and says ‘jump in’ An’ [Lennie jumped]. Couldn’t swim a stroke. He dam near drowned” (40). If Lennie is willing to risk his life for another human so easily the chance of him performing anything another person wants him to do is high, creating a dangerous environment for the people around him. Furthermore George was going to be ostracized and potentially punished if he did not aid in the capture of Lennie or shoot him. Right before the boys went out hunting they told George to “stick with [them] so [they wouldn’t] think [he] had anything to do with [killing Curley’s wife]” (98). George had to shoot Lennie in order to protect others from lennie 's misjudgements and to save himself from
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