The Social Corruption Of The American Dream In America

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In 1905 my great-great-grandfather set foot in the United States. He had come to start anew, much like the thousands of people every year who pack their bags and leave entire lives to start from scratch in order to get a second chance at life so that their children or other family members may hit the ground running. As seen from other countries, this is the American Dream. To embark on a social climb to provide a better future for themselves and their family. In today 's society, the American Dream is defined by popularity, how much one is able to capitalize off of anything thrown their way, and the amount of wealth one has accumulated for themselves from it. However, this dream is only available to a select few, causing negative disruptions within our society as a whole and its people individually.

The American dream is defined by an everyday citizen this way because in the United States many people feel that in order to get to the dream, they must make rash and overly selfish decisions which lead them down paths of corruption, much like the many powerful, successful people in big business. Although the end goal is to be able to grasp the dream and fulfillment, people come to a point that psychologists refer to as the adaptation level phenomenon. The phenomenon states that humans have the tendency to judge various stimuli and situations relative to those they have previously experienced. This means that eventually, people get tired of reaching for a dream. They become so
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