The Social Effects Of Juvenile Delinquency

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“Man is by nature a social anamal” said famous philosopher Aristotle. As this quote, society is a huge necessity to human and it does affect to mankind, their direction or behavior of life. Though sometimes it affects people to be more hopeful and more successful, most of social effects end up with negative results rather than positive. So the term ‘Social effects’ is one of the most familiar word when people starts to study offenders and social evils. There are so various kind of crime in this world, yet, Juvenile delinquents are considered as the most influenced offenders. The Juvenile law is also influenced by these tendency and therfore, it combine some aspects which are widely different and distinctive beside other common laws. The mordern juvenile jurisprudence derived from the legislate of juvenile law of Jo-seon in 1942 under the Japanese colonial administration. After libration, social unrest factors influenced youths who were in the lowest status at the time and people laid a juvenile bill to the National Assembly on April 8th 1945 as a result. The bill rivised 3 times up to now (소년법). During the period that Juvenile delinquency had been revisioning, people mainly claimed to reform its range of protective supervision, to diversify the protective disposition or about the human rights of young offenders (소년법). To accept these requirements and enact the new law, law maker had to reflect the basic factor. So the law , not only korean but cosmopolitanly, evitably has

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