Social Identity Theory Essay

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Different authors have a different view on the social identity theory. Cannella, Jones, and Withers (2014) attempt to explain the theory basing their facts on a family setting. They claim that family is the first social circle an individual has. Therefore, the way family members relate to one will influence the other social circles an individual is likely to have. People born in families that have good relations are likely to be more outgoing, thereby having several social identities. On the contrary, people brought up in families where people do not communicate properly are likely to have poor communication skills thereby have less social identities. This speculation seems accurate as most social people are from families that have excellent…show more content…
In their journal, they elaborate the various ways in which sportsmen and women behave in various occasions. From their studies, the behavior of athletes while carrying out the various sporting activities and while socializing with friends are very different. They claim that athletes tend to come out as aggressive and rowdy while in the company of each other. However, when with family or particular friends, they are reserved people. Hogg & Adelman (2013) supports this hypothesis and further explain that the activities that people partake in have a great influence on their identities. In identifying oneself with groups, people may even name themselves in regard to what they are all about or what they stand…show more content…
(2016) outline the various effects of the different identities people develop in life. According to them, development of social identities has both positive and negative effects on an individual. These effects are brought about by the type of company that influences the development of a particular identity. Korschun, Bhattacharya & Swain (2014) support this theory and claim that it is the responsibility of a person to ensure that they develop beneficial identities that will help them in life rather than destroy them. They advise readers to study the particular groups of people they want to relate with, in advance. Not only do negative groups give one negative identities, but also bad impressions towards other

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