The Social Influence Of Police Behavior In Canada

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Police officers are people the society should normally look up to as epitomes of discipline and protectors of law and order, however police behavior in recent years has been anything but exemplary thus rising extreme resentment and distrust in the public. In this essay I will argue that police, public interactions are the most important factor to achieve respect and mutual assistance relation. The public no longer trusts or respects police officers levying all sorts of charges against them. Police behavior is indeed despicable in some cases especially where When we delve deeper into the anthropological and psychological causes of this kind of behavior, we notice that police is influenced by a flawed subculture that profound affects the attitude and behavior of most police officers.…show more content…
The need for partnership between the police and the society in Canada has long been indisputable, because the police without the assistance of the people are much more difficult to carry out tasks for maintaining public order, protecting the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, and counteracting and preventing crime. The desire of the police to ‘be with the people’ was reflected in recent years in a number of programs and documents of the Internal Affairs of Canada. It is recognized that the partnership of police as a state institute with civil society actors is a model of creation which should be guided by the reformation of the bodies of internal affairs of
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