The Social Influence Of The Dust Bowl

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The horrible, horrific Dust Bowl came crashing down, distorting everything in it's way. The Dust Bowl tarred everything that was in its way. Covering it all in dust and dirt. The storms occurred by farmers coming to America. Since it was the Great Depression, it was hard to find jobs. However after the storms were over, it was very hard to clean up the huge mess. It took years to finish cleaning. The horrendous Dust Bowl was a life changing experience for hundreds of people.

The Dust Bowl was caused by too much farming and too many people messing with the soil. The farmers came to America in the mid - late 1800. They came from all over the world looking for food and shelter. Since it was the Great Depression LOTS of people turned to farming. Dirt and dust were flying everywhere because farmers messed with the soil so much that it started to soften. After a while something totally out of the ordinary happened out of the blue, electricity built up with all of the dust and dirt. The electricity sucked in all of the dirt like a “GIANT”magnet, sucking in anything in its way. Too much farming and too many people messing with the soil caused the Dust Bowl.
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The dust storms affected Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico. The storm affected those states because the cold air dropped the storms South. On April 14, 1935 there was the biggest dust storm known to mankind. People even made it a holiday, it's called “Black Sunday,” because of the big storm. After one whole decade the years of terror finally stopped. The storms lasted till 1931 to 1939. Many people were relieved that the horrific days were over. The terrible dust storms all started in
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