The Social Issue Of Fatherlessness And The Impact Of Childhood

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This is the social issue in America no one is talking about; having been on the rise for several decades, it’s stunning to look analytically at such a widespread problem as this and not discover any developed forward thinking solutions. This is the social issue that crosses racial, religious, and socio-economic boundaries; it has embedded itself in all aspects of our culture, giving rise to problems in our justice and education systems, our institution of marriage, our practice of spirituality. This is the social issue which affects the future dynamic of “family”, ultimately seeking to tear down the foundation of producing competent young men into entering a life of decisive moral action. This social issue is Fatherlessness and the effects it has on their sons. This paper inspects the various problems a young man will face having an absent father, as well as the long-term results of that absence. An absent father is defined, for the purpose of this paper, as being inactive or having little time with their biological children. This absence can be the result of incarceration, divorce, or separation to name a few. An absent father will be emotionally distant from his children, not offer any means of continuity in financial support, or invest in a meaningful relationship with his offspring. Absence springs from a lack of personal responsibility, a deconstruction of other frameworks within society, and is a learned behavior. In 1996, the percent of children living without the

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