Social Issue Of Fatherlessness

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This is the social issue in America no one is talking about; having been on the rise for several decades, it’s stunning to look analytically at such a widespread problem as this and not discover any developed forward thinking solutions. This is the social issue that crosses racial, religious, and socio-economic boundaries; it has embedded itself in all aspects of our culture, giving rise to problems in our justice and education systems, our institution of marriage, our practice of spirituality. This is the social issue which affects the future dynamic of “family”, ultimately seeking to tear down the foundation of producing competent young men into entering a life of decisive moral action. This social issue is Fatherlessness and the effects…show more content…
As modern Christianity today views the role of a father within the family dynamic, he is in charge of making tough leadership calls, being responsible for the actions of individual members, and providing for the needs the family unit may require. Absent fathers tend to avoid religion due to the emphasis on the personal responsibility assigned to the figure head. If the trend of the fatherless sons becoming absentee fathers themselves, a conclusion which all data points to, we not only see a breakdown in the overall institution of family but also young men’s detachment from religion and an overall spiritually unreached demographic of young men and fathers, since he will tend to question the trustworthiness of all other…show more content…
It is generally known that with a higher education comes a higher pay grade, so teens that drop out of high school or just graduate high school are limited as to the financial future they can attain for themselves. The amount of education a man receives plays into the future economic situation for he and his possible family, with data pointing to a higher total grade point average to children whose fathers are present. A father is an example of a Man of God, portraying Christian characteristics and moral embodiment to his son. Without which, the boy is left to wonder about the relationship with his Heavenly Father. The importance in the role of a father is so needed in society, since the current trend is thrusting broken sons into positions reserved for well-prepared men. The lack of fostering healthy father-son relationships has resulted in an incomplete and inadequate society that contributes to the other social problems that America faces today. Lack of confronting this issue as a culture, only insures we continue to damage our young men and undermine their potential prospective happiness and success. We have freely placed our future in a culturally-approved cycle of behavior that unmistakably does not

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