The Social Philosophy Of Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Philosophy -It is the social philosophy and ethics that attempts to explain and study the nature of love. Many theories attempt to explain love, it is difficult to explain love when the person who had not experienced himself or herself being loved by someone. The philosophical treatment of love is a variety of sub-disciplines often statements or arguements concerning love, it is the nature and role in human life. The task of philosophy of love is to present the desire, passion and ethics of human in terms of love. This implies that love has its nature, a proposition that some thinks that love is conceptually irrational, in the sense of it cannot be described in rational or meaningful propositions. It is used to refer the part of…show more content…
A love story between Romeo of Montague and Juliet of Capulet . Two families having a feud. It was vulnerable for the fact that the events in this story. The story shows the weaknesses and the most poor side of love and the person in the story. On the other side, the popularity of the story become more rise when the other love stories where inspired by it. When I am having a research about this novel, I found out that there were 54 films that was inspired by this love story. As I was reading the story, and I observed that Romeo is a teen ager-minded type of man in his age, as others act in this present times, he is not different from the youth we often see in nowadays. The Story begins to flurry my mind if, is it really love? Were they truly in love? Let me tell you the scenario how similar Romeo and Juliet to the youth…show more content…
-The theme of this novel is fate, because the two young star’s crossed their fate in the middle of the party and loved each other endlessly. Throughout the years, teenagers nowadays live their lives to always have a date, making stupid decisions not knowing the consequences of the situation they have put themselves into it, and it always seems that teenagers can’t wait and to know what love is. Romeo and Juliet share a very long story of their relationship because of their true friendship. No matter what, the two stays together, even if something horrible was happen to them. They supports each other and never turn back because they truely love each other and they can do anything to make their relationship goes stonger and stronger. The powerful nature of love can be seen in the way it is describe, or accurately, the way the description of it so consistently fail to capture its

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