The Social Pyramid: The Social Pyramids Of Ancient Egypt

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Many people don't really know about ancient Egypt but it was one very interesting place. By the way, the people dressed all the way to how they mummified the Pharaohs and important people for the afterlife. There are just a lot of things to learn about ancient Egypt, but I'm going to narrow it down and talk about the social pyramid of Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt social pyramid is arranged to where the Pharos and those of deities were at the top, and slaves and servants made up the bottom of the pyramid. Okay, so at the top, you had Pharos then under them, you have Government officials, priests, and nobles. Below them you had soldiers and scribes, then merchants and artisans. At the bottom of the heap, you had farmers, slaves, and servants.…show more content…
They could have different things/jobs to do such as.Recording history and important events, describing everyday life, writing up contracts, taking a census of ancient Egypt, calculating taxes, recording court cases, keeping track of food supply, keeping calculations for the Pharaoh and government officials. Scribes were taught how to write hieroglyphs on wood, pottery, stone, and if they were lucky, and after lots of practice papyrus ( A type of paper made from papyrus, a tough water plant). Also, a scribe could come from anywhere in the social pyramid. It was hard learning to be a scribe, you had to work hard, and harsh punishment, such as beatings.Soldiers protected Egypt from outside attacks and ended up springs. Sometimes they supervised the lowest class when they built the pyramids(Slaves). The Pharaoh might reward them with land for their…show more content…
They traded gold, papyrus, linen, and grain for cedar wood, ebony, copper, iron, ivory, and lapis Lazuli. They mostly traded along the Nile river.” Artisan is another word for a craftsman or someone in a skilled trade who makes things by hand”. Artisans could be carpenters, metal workers, jewelers, painters, sculptors, potters, stone carvers, weavers. These ancient Egyptians were highly skilled if though they had little social status. The most skilled were the stone carvers who created the statues, engravings, and reliefs of the temples, tombs, and

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