The Social Values Of Consumerism In The Consumer Society

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The consumer societies in which a lot of choices and credit cards are available, social values are defined in terms of purchasing power and material possessions in which there is desire to all what is new, modern, exciting and fashionable. There is a portion of the society with enough money to buy goods beyond daily necessities. Today, people consume for pleasure and feel confident or participate in socially consumer culture. Consumerism has become a universal behavior among most people and groups. Consumerism and consumption is no longer an accurate indicator of actual status and wealth of an individual, as loans have brought such luxury to broader spectrum of social classes. People’s values were shifted and family became less important as people focused on how to get money to buy new products. We buy too much we always search for new and better stuff. Will we ever be satisfied? There will be always something new and better. Most of our consumption is compulsive buying and obeying our momentary thirst and immediate gratification. Over consumerism leads to excess waste and over use of most valuable resources such as fossil fuels, clean water , air we harm our mother Earth. The price of such consumerism is far greater than simple cost of any given product. It is time that we as a nation come together to evaluate the problem of ending consumerism. It is time to eliminate the harmful luxury from the necessity. The effect of such reduction could be observed nearly immediately.

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