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Welfare state model From a global perspective, the concept of social security system is analyzed in various countries' policies, literatures and related treatises because of different characteristics and understandings of different countries. The term "social security" first appeared in the social security act of 1935. The definition of "social security" by the international Labour organization is: "the so-called social security is a kind of social achievement which is pursued through a series of comprehensive policies and measures. Are these policies and measures for the disease, unemployment, old age and death and interrupt source of income, in poor trying to protect the public, such as the above personnel to provide necessary medical treatment,…show more content…
This paper tends to define the welfare system from the point of view of development history. Welfare system has the universality and fairness: first the highest purpose is to ease social contradictions of social welfare, maintain social stability, promote the coordinated development of economy and society, the social welfare is the basic goal of to provide security for the members of the community of basic living rights and social justice. Therefore, Fried objects should be every member of the society, and there should be no privileged class or neglected class. On the other hand, benefits should be provided in a wide range of areas, not only for economic security and service guarantee, but also for the spiritual protection of citizens. Second, the development of social welfare has class character, that is, the social welfare can adjust national income distribution and…show more content…
The welfare system is the general term of the government's policy measures on social security functions. Therefore, when we study the welfare system of western countries, we should study the concept of western welfare system. Examples: American welfare system and its characteristics Formation of the American welfare system In 1933, before the New Deal of Roosevelt, the United States only had the emergence of some social security system. After the New Deal, the basic framework of the social security system was established in the United States from 1933 to 1961. From the great plan of President Johnson in 1961 until the 1980s, the implementation of the great plan marked the full construction of the nation's welfare state. Characteristics of the American welfare system Social redistribution is relatively low, because the coverage of the American welfare system is small, so its social redistribution is relatively low, which is one of the characteristics of the American welfare system

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