The Socio-Psychological Impact Of Bullying In Schools

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Bullying has always been a phenomenon in schools and it is an issue that is cause for concern for the victims, their parents and school authorities. It appears as though in the 21st century, the issue of bullying has exacerbated as it has been identified that both the instigator and the victim are affected negatively by it. The socio-psychological impact of bullying is extensive and can extend to economic fallouts as otherwise brilliant students who would have shown promise in excelling in their studies, their chosen career and ultimately becoming productive citizens have been known to commit suicide. Bullying can be either physical or emotional. According to Protogerou and Flisher (2012), “Bullying is a noxious intentional action aimed at causing physical and/or psychological harm” (p.119). In past, the format of bullying was primarily face- to-face. However, today, with the proliferation of the internet, bullying now occurs in cyberspace. This means that there is more scope for those who relish in using their power to harass and intimidate others have a wider forum to do so. Students are not only being exposed to bullying in school but it can be extended into their time away from the school compound and to a wider audience. Bullies repeatedly say and perform violent, belittling and hurtful acts to persons who are too weak physically and or emotionally to defend themselves. Persons with disabilities, of a different race, ethnicity, culture, class, sexual orientation,
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