The Influence Of The Holocaust On The Jewish Community

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(1) The Holocaust was a genocide in which the races considered inferior by the Germans - such as (but not limited to) the gypsies, the mentally disabled, homosexuals, and black people- were atrociously mass-murdered and tortured, nonetheless the Jewish Community was the most persecuted and affected to a larger scale race. The Holocaust was a major historical event which took place throughout (and before) World War II (between 1933 and 1945) when Hitler was the leader of the fascist party in Germany, carrying out a dictatorship. It is estimated that the Holocaust viciously ended 11 million lives, for which the German Nazy Party was responible. The largest group of victims were Jewish (Aprox. 6 million) It is said that 2 European Jews were killed every 3.
(2) The Holocaust took place because of certain individuals, groups, and nations whom made choices and/or decisions to act or not to act
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Hitler, the Nazi Party and its supporters blamed them for all the social and economic problems which were taking place in Germany at the time.Anti-Semitism was a huge part of the Nazis ideology; Hitler wanted to exterminate all Jews ending their “impure” and “low” race. Many people living in the Nazi Germany did not support the Nazi party or ideology, but they did nothing to stop it or avoid it.Those whom were against the Nazi beliefs and therefore tried to rebel or resist were sent to either labour camps, prison or they lost their lives. The Holocaust did not happen suddenly, it was the
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