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The Sociological imagination, as defined by Nilsen and Scott (2014), is the thinking or the realignment of one’s own mind into connecting the individual with the grater society even with the society’s past to better understand how the individual affects the whole, and how the whole affects rhe individual. In his book A General View of Positivism, Auguste Comte describes positivism as the use of empirical methods such as ones used in natural science to observe society in sociology. Furthermore, Mill (2005) describes Comte’s theory as the theory that made the scientific community stick with its ideals and systematic observation. In Harriet Martineau’s Society in America, she uses feminism as a perspective to re-envision
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Mandel defines Karl Marx’s pioneered perspective as a view wherein it views history or social systems as having conflict between social classes, with the rich having the utmost power. It is also the antithesis of capitalism, Mandel further stating that capitalism serves to acquire or to exploit (1977). Likewise, in the Communist Manifesto, Marx stated that the working class (proletariats) should unite and stand up against their oppressors. Functionalism is defined as the view wherein society is made up of parts, where each part is contributing to the whole, and each part is contributing to society’s progression (CliffNotes). Durkheim’s “Division of Labor” can be defined as how divisons in society can ultimately be good for the people in it, creating a some sort of mutual connection between themselves (Crossman, 2015). Anomie is defined as the state of a person when he is has lost his social control of his individual behavior, leading to the feeling of a loss of direction (Crossman, 2015). Verstehen is defined as German for understanding, and it is the perspective wherein one would try to fully comprehend the behavior of a group by thinking how the group think of themselves (Elwell, 2013). Ideal type is defined as any construct defined by an existing ideas to serve for evaluating
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