The Sociology Of Sport

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Sports are a very popular topic in everyday life. It is not only present when being played, coached or spectated, it can show up in many ways, like television and different forms of advertisement. Some people may think that reason why it is so popular is because of the show of competiveness. However studies show that there are other contributions as to why sports are prominent. Sociology is the study of social worlds that humans make, keep, and change through relationships with one another. It is important in the sports world because sports are a part of the social world. With the sociology of sport, we can understand why sports are such a huge phenomenon. Concepts used are theories, research, analyzation of data, and making conclusions. With these concepts it is possible for action to take place. I believe sociology of sport is a commendable thing as it gives us the ability understand the impact that sports have on a person 's cultural and social life that made it a phenomenon. Discussion Sports are important in a person 's social life because relationships are built. Relationships are made between teammates, coaches, and fans. For example, through the relationships built between a team, it can represent a family. The teammates serve as a players siblings with the coach or coaches acting as a parent type figure. This is important for the athletes that are not so keen on their real family or for the ones that may not even have a family. So, for some athletes, they may join
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