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Sports are a very popular topic in everyday life. It is not only present when being played, coached or spectated, it can show up in many ways, like television and different forms of advertisement. Some people may think that reason why it is so popular is because of the show of competiveness. However studies show that there are other contributions as to why sports are prominent. Sociology is the study of social worlds that humans make, keep, and change through relationships with one another. It is important in the sports world because sports are a part of the social world. With the sociology of sport, we can understand why sports are such a huge phenomenon. Concepts used are theories, research, analyzation of data, and making conclusions. With…show more content…
11). Also players and coaches are not the only ones that make connections, fans also too. Some fans create relationships with one another as they cheer on their favorite team or athlete at sporting events and the outside world, a proof of this are fan clubs. Additionally with the relationships built within sports, some people may have the chance to call their fellow teammates coaches, or fans friends later in life. With the sociology of sport we are able to assume that a contribution as to why sports are favored is because it gives people the chance to fit in and form relationships
Another reason why I think the sociology of sport is a good thing is that it brings up beliefs and ideologies, whether it challenging it or reinforcing it. It is ok for people to have different opinions on beliefs and ideologies as it is necessary for society to work. If everyone thought the same on a topic than there would not be different social worlds. An example of this is the gender ideology. Since the beginning, the male has been the dominant gender, which has given them more opportunities than women. The idea that men "are more naturally suited to possess power and
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It all comes down to how sports have an impact on society, and for sports to be accepted as they are now than it must having a positive impact. Sports in Society is a prime representation of how sports can impact society as they focused on helping others while at the same time promoting sports. Even though a couple of examples were went over, there a many more ways on how sports can be integrated in society. With the continuing study of sports in the social world researchers will be able to come up with ways to improve

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