The Socular Worldview: The Idea Of Abortion

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As abortion is one of the most controversial topics, there has been a lot of debate about it, whether people are opposing or defending abortion. There is one worldview that defends the idea of abortion, which is the secular worldview. The secular worldview is people who view things based on human logic, understanding, intuition and reason, and it is not adopted from spiritual teachings or religion. According to the secular worldview, abortion is right because of women’s right, fetus in the womb is not yet human, and rape or incest. Abortion is a matter of life and death, which took the life of an unborn child. However, the secular worldview believes that a fetus in the womb is not a child or human. Many people claim that a fetus in the womb is not fully developed; hence, it is not considered as a human. According to Sick Matt, a biologist, a baby before 12 weeks of age is only a pile of cells. Therefore, aborting a baby before that period does not result in murder. Furthermore, most women abort their baby in that period of time. For instance, an insect is much more a living creature than a fetus. Thus, killing an insect is the same thing as killing something with more brain activity than the fetus. Clearly, it is not that big of a deal to only kill a pile of cells as people have killed tons of insects ( Some people also claim that they don 't know exactly when the fetus becomes human in the womb. Definitely, people don’t know when they die, hence, how can people

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