Secular World View Abortion

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As abortion is one of the most controversial topics, there has been a lot of debate about it, whether people are opposing or defending abortion. There is one worldview that defends the idea of abortion, which is the secular worldview. The secular worldview is people who view things based on human logic, understanding, intuition and reason, and it is not adopted from spiritual teachings or religion. According to the secular worldview, abortion is right because of women’s right, fetus in the womb is not yet human, and rape or incest.
Abortion is a matter of life and death, which took the life of an unborn child. However, the secular worldview believes that a fetus in the womb is not a child or human. Many people claim that a fetus in the womb
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Rape is a form of sexual assault that is against a woman 's will, which can result in unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, rape is a condition that justifies abortion. Surely, scars caused by physical abuse can slowly heal, but a scar that is unseen to the eyes of men is hard to heal. In this case, it is an emotional wound, which can be caused by trauma, abandonment, neglect and abuse. Rape is a horrible and traumatic event that brings great suffering to the raped women. The baby from that incident can act as a constant reminder of the trauma. Consequently, according to, the child caused by rape face a higher risk of emotional wound caused by abandonment, neglect or even abuse from the mother. The mother might feel strong hatred towards the rapist and that strong feeling could transfer to the child. Even though, people claim that the child is innocent and has done nothing wrong, but emotions are a strong thing. The mother can harm to the child, which can let the child grow in an unsuitable environment. Besides abortion, incest is also a condition that justified abortion. A child caused by incest is certainly unwanted. Incest is one of the most horrible forms of unwanted pregnancy. Many cultures and religion believes that incest is morally wrong and should not be done. However, many cultures and religion are also against abortion. Therefore, what about a child conceived by incest? Pregnancy caused by
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