The Solitano Family Summary

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Case Conceptualization Notes: The Solitano Family

Identifying Information:
The Solitano family consists of Mom, dad and Pat and brother. Mom and Dad seem to have been married for a long time. They live together in a house in Philadelphia. Pat recently left a hospital that he had been staying at for 8 months due to an ‘outburst’ he had after finding his wife in the shower with another man. Pat lost his job as a substitute teacher at a local high school where his wife and the man that slept with his wife also worked at. After the ‘outburst’ his wife (Nikki) decided to leave Pat and to move out and sell their house they had lived in together. Pat was then diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder after the ‘outburst’, before that he had lived with un-diagnosed
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Pat begins to exercise and try to get his life together in hope of rekindling his relationship with Nikki. Pat also has a very positive outlook he believes that if he can find this so called “silver lining” his life will be better. Pat also agrees to dance with Tiffany which is going out of his comfort zone. Pat is also extremely determined and when he sets his mind on something he will work hard to achieve these goals. A couple of Pat’s supports are his friends Danny and Ronnie, Ronnie introduces him to Tiffany who Pat admits to have feels for. Danny and Pat had met in the hospital during his time, Danny becomes an important helper to Tiffany and Pat’s dance…show more content…
Pat was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. CBT helps individuals by looking at negative thoughts and behavior patterns, and changing those into more helpful coping thoughts and behaviors. Using some CBT strategies such as, working with Pat to identify unhelpful thoughts and behaviors and work with Pat on how to deal with them. Setting goals is an important aspect to CBT, Pat should work on relaxation techniques to help him deal with his constant mood swings. It seems that Pat is scared to be alone and that is why he craves Nikki’s attention and tries so hard to get her back. Mom and Dad have a hard time expressing their feelings to each
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