The Song Analysis Of The Interpretation Of Hotel California

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Glenn Frey, the co-founder of The Eagles, once said “Hey, I didn 't make a big deal out of Hotel California. The 18 million people that bought it did” (Rebello). In 1976, the song “Hotel California” by The Eagles was released, and became an immediate sensation, and continues to occupy people’s minds with its catchy tune throughout the decades that follow. However, being so consumed in the tune can result in a lack of attention payed to the words within it. Hotel California is a song with many interpretations; the analysis’ are infinite. It has been suggested that the lyric’s meaning is in relation to drugs or about a journey through love and hopelessness. Another idea is that the entirety of it is an extended metaphor, some ideas including that it was an old church taken over by the devil worshippers, a psychiatric hospital, a prison, an inn run by cannibals, and even possibly that “Hotel California” is a representation of the Playboy Mansion. Nonetheless, as is true with most songs, the true interpretation can only come from one source, and that is simply the writer of the lyrics, Don Henley, himself. Many theorize that Hotel California’s lyrics is a depiction of the journey through drug addiction. The line in the song, “Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air” (Douglas), supports this concept exceptionally well. “Colita” is a Spanish slang term for “little tails/buds”, therefore, the lyric reveals the scent of the surroundings, which consists of burning

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