The Song Of Songs Analysis

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In an excerpt from her book, Unprotected Texts, Jennifer Wright Kunst discusses the Bible’s contradicting views of sexual intimacy and desire. There is something so incredibly taboo when it comes to sex and religion. Often teenagers are instilled with the fear of God in an effort to abstain them from having sex. The responsibility then falls on the girls since boys apparently do not possess the wherewithal to control their sexual urges. To be honest, I find this notion rather appalling and downright offensive. It perpetuates the idea that women can be objectified and removes all accountability from men. During the past year, there have been a lot of headlines of girls being sent home from school due to their wardrobe being deemed “too distracting”…show more content…
Surprisingly enough, the Song of Songs has been attributed to King Solomon, David and Bathsheba’s son. I read the poem in its entirety to get a better understanding of it. There is absolutely no denying that this is a celebration of love, desire, and passion. I can see why some people would be surprised that this poem is canonical since it is not something that we normally associate with the Bible. However, people need to realize that the Song of Songs, like any other poem, is also open to interpretation. It is filled with symbolism, imagery, and allegory, but ultimately the reader decides what it means. Does this mean that the Song of Songs approves of sex outside of marriage? Depending on how you see it, it very well could. I think that it basically embraces the idea that love, desire, passion is a beautiful thing and we should not shy away from it. More importantly, that we should not let love, desire, and passion die…show more content…
Not out of fear, but rather wanting them to actually enjoy their childhood a little while longer. This is such a rarity nowadays since children cannot wait to grow up. Although I have been a part of my daughter’s life since she was six years old, I did not start feeling like a “mom” until my son was born. Silly me, I thought I was spared the “talk” until my son hit puberty. We all knew the day would come when she would start being inquisitive. I just never in a million years thought she would be coming to me for answers. It is both nerve wracking and an honor to know she trusts me enough to ask for my guidance. All we can do as parents is guide her as best as we can. Whether she waits until marriage or not, the decision is hers to make. Regardless, she will have the necessary tools to make an informed
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