The Songcatcher And Deliverance Analysis

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Men vs. Women in Southern Appalachia Two movies that have recently intrigued me include The Songcatcher, directed Maggie Greenwald Mansfield, and Deliverance, directed by John Boorman. The Songcatcher describes a woman who goes to the Appalachian Mountains, on a mission, with a recording device to capture Old English Ballads after she has been denied a promotion from her university. Deliverance portrays four city men who decide to go canoeing in the Appalachian Mountains and experience many different events. Both The Songcatcher and Deliverance have striking similarities and differences. Maggie Creenwald Mansfiend chooses a woman to be her main character in The Songcatcher, whereas John Boorman chooses men for the main character(s) in Deliverance. So now the concerning question, does being male or…show more content…
In The Songcatcher, Lily takes a trip all over the mountain side to record Old English Ballads. Lily takes this trip with Deladis and a young boy. In this specific scene, Lily, Deladis, and the young boy start arguing about traveling all over the mountain. The young boy gets mad and pushes their wagon down the hill they had just climbed, destroying Lily’s chances of recording her ballads. In a similar plot in Deliverance, Lewis, Bobby, Drew, and Ed take a trip to go canoeing. Drew refused to not wear his lifejacket. As the four friends resume canoeing down the river, Drew feels guilty about what had previously happened so he jumps off the canoe, which causes the other friends to freak out. So both canoes tip over and send the four men fighting to stay above the water. Both films have a traumatic event that causes the viewer on their suspenseful toes the whole time. A big difference distinguishes the two films even though both films represent very tragic things events. Lily’s journey has less heartache when compared to the four friends losing Drew due to the canoes tipping

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