The Sons Of Liberty Analysis

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In the cold and windy city of Boston Massachusetts during the years of 1768-1772. The story focuses on an indentured servant named Rachel Marsh who worked at the home of Abigail and John Adams (who became the second President). Rachel had a rough childhood as she had a Catholic French father and Congregationalist mother. Her father passed away leaving Rachel and her mother to be cared for by Uncle Eb. Uncle Eb is a mean wretched person who was horrifically mean to them treating them like they were unworthy to be on the planet. He made them cry and work until the could not and more even to young 12 year old Rachel. The horrid man is also a merchant that follows Rachel to Boston. In Boston he gives her trouble. As Rachel gets older she meets…show more content…
With a large mob yelling at the soldiers “lobster backs” which is a derogatory term towards the red coats. The soldiers were getting agitated and where dead set on rettalinating. Then bang five dead and panic in the streets of Boston. This all stemmed from the unfair Townshend Act which, taxed the colonies extra for goods such as tea, glass, paint, oil, and other necessities. This act changed how the colonies, especially the Bostonians, thought about The Crown (England). This sparked The Sons of Liberty which was lead by Sam Adams cousin of John Adams. Sam wrote about the how England was unfair and took part with the mobs. The Sons of Liberty started a boycott on things imported from England, this boycott was enforced with force. Some mobs would harass and assault merchants that did not comply. The cousin of Sam, Mr. John Adams represented the soldiers and helped them get off with manslaughter. They were sent back to England and branded. This especially enraged Bostonians.They were enraged because they thought the soldiers were murders and rotten cowards. Yet in some ways the won by getting the troops out of Boston. There in Boston the seeds of revolution were
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