Essay On Sons Of Liberty

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Liberty is the freedom to live your life in the way that you want, without interference from other people or the authorities. Just like people in the wars seek the peace, Everyone seeks the liberty, especially when they are not free. There are many examples for this in the world history, in 18 century, people in France revolted in order to end the autocratic rule of the monarch; in 16 century, people in some Europe countries fought for ending the gloomy church-control system; In the same century slaves in American plan plantation tried to escape for free life without bleed. During the time of the war of independence, there were also a organization which chose to fight for American independence and liberty, and the organization was called the Sons of Liberty. Here we will talk about the foundation, the organizational structure, and the history status of this legendary organization in the US history. As the impeller and pioneer of American independence, the origin of the Sons of Liberty was simple and…show more content…
The Sons of Liberty popularized the use of tar and feathering to punish and humiliate offending government officials starting in 1767. This method was also used against British Loyalists during the American Revolution. This punishment had long been used by sailors to punish their mates (Benjamin H.). The Sons could be considered as the historically inevitability in my opinion, it was not only the typical representative of the American war of independence, but also the perfect example that reflects the the spirit of American people. American is a melting pot which always feel welcome to the people who have dreams and seek for freedom from all over the world. The exist of the Sons, solidify people’s chase of liberty, and remains descendants that liberty and dreams are worth fighting for. I believe this concept have already been integrated into people’s
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