The Soul Brothers And Sister Lou Poem Analysis

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The book “ The Soul Brothers and Sister Lou” by Kristin Lattany from chapter 4-8, Lou believes in the club even though she has some doubts. Therefore she seeks for help and guidance from her teacher Miss Hodge. When Miss Hodges agree to help her, she brings Mr. Lucitanno and Blinde Eddie. With their help, she discovers a new world of music.Which cause her to make a song, with Fess’s poem. When she presents the song to her friends, then Officier Lafferty comes unannounced to the club and problems starts to unfold. In Chapter 4, Lou starts to have doubts about the club. A few new people start to appear into the club. Like Calvin, a boy that she didn't know. William felt as though Calvin was trying to do something when Calvin pulled out a razor…show more content…
She would go back to the building after supper to practice what she learned. While practicing she see a person creeping into the corner which was Fess. Fess had a few poem with him, which he let Lou read. Lou convinced Fess to let her borrow one of the poems she likes to "memorize". Although she had an idea to make into a song. In chapters 7, she performed the songs to her friends which they loved. Then suddenly Officer Lafferty barging into the club saying they’re making too much noise. Officer Lafferty threatening the kids and even pushed Sharon, which she was pregnant. When Lou stood up for her the officer was going to hit her until Calvin got between them. So Officer Lafferty took Calvin with him. Later on, the teachers had arrived and asked what happened. Mr. Lucitanno mentions about teaching the kids how the play different instruments. Then he left to see if he was at the police station. The group had to find a way to come up with money for the instruments. Fess had the idea of stealing but Lou wasn't having because William already thought they were a bad set of kids and by them doing that would just prove it was true. So Lou had the idea of having a
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