The Souls Of Black Folk Essay

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Web Du Bois’s novel the Souls of Black Folk describes the racial discrimination that separated African Americans and whites in the United States. After the civil war, Du Bois suffers the racism and segregation of the twentieth century. He wanted to be viewed and respected equally by people from any society. He faced the daily struggles of a divided nation and being inferior to a white race. He believed that a man could be born Negro and American but should be offered the same opportunities and rights as a white and American man. He also shares his identity crisis with his “double consciousness” and the “color line”. Segregation continued throughout the twentieth century although the emancipation from slavery was established in 1865. The Souls…show more content…
Du Bois emphasizes on the importance of education to help improve society. I believe if we can learn from mistakes and realize what is going on with the world we can make the world a better place. Black leaders were on the rise and evoked an inspiration of change. In the novel, “the most significant event in African American history has been the rise of the educator, Brooke T. Washington, to the role of spokesman for (black) race” (30). Brooke served a person to the blacks and gave support to them when they were oppressed by society by giving them faith and hope. Du Bois and Washington share similar views, Du Bios saw his ideas as “unnecessarily narrow” and did not focus on equality (32) as he believed that blacks deserved “civic equality” and have the “right to vote”. Those are the crucial freedoms in America, for people to progress within society everyone should have equal rights to thrive. This novel was so eye opening and so informative. I can understand how the African Americas were treated during this time period. Overall, The Souls of Black Folk eye opening to life of blacks. Reading the essays helped get insight on even present day situations they face. Racisms still exists to some extent but I believe Du Bois’ book can inspire people in the present day to apply his ideas. He vividly explains the effects the racism and segregation has on the African America
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