The Sound Of Thunder Analysis

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“The Sound of Thunder” is a story written by Ray Bradbury and it is about a time in which people can time travel. The main character, Eckels, goes back in time to shoot a dinosaur. This story is science fiction because it has futuristic technology. In “Nethergrave”, which is written by Gloria Skurzynsk, it is about a boy named Jeremy who gets stuck inside of a virtual type world. The story doesn’t ever tell us if he gets out of the virtual world, but you can make an inference that he doesn’t. “The Sound of Thunder” is the more interesting of the two stories and has a better plot line. The vivid descriptions in “The Sound of Thunder” are very well written and they can make the reader be able to imagine exactly what’s going on in the story and what it might look like. The story was very interesting to read and easy to follow and it makes the reader think that one decision can change the future greatly. Science fiction is a story that is based…show more content…
Both “Nethergrave” and “The Sound of Thunder” are written in third person limited. In “The Sound of Thunder” this becomes clear in the first paragraph when the author wrote “Eckels felt his eyelids blink over his stare,” which means it’s not first person point-of-view or second person point-of-view. Then in “Nethergrave” you can tell the story is in third person limited when the author writes “Jeremy wished the motto was”, which of course means the story is in third person. Since both books only share the main characters feelings that proves the books are third person limited not omniscient. However, in “The Sound of Thunder” the point of view is easier to understand then in “Nethergrave.” This is because, normally, a story about an event in a person’s life is written in first person rather than third. In “The Sound of Thunder” the point of view was more wisely choose because it gives you a more visual understanding of what is going on in the
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