The Sound Of Waves Character Analysis

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The sound of waves written by yukio mishima born on 14 January 1925 a Japanese author, poet, playwright, actor, and film director and has been awarded many awards. The sound of waves is a timeless story of love at first sight. The topic is deliberating about how nature is playing its role in bringing happiness and difficulties in Shinji’s’s and Hatsue’s’s life. How nature separates them and brings them together. What is the culture in the novel, too rigorous? To disciplined? The story shows what happens when a special person comes into our life and how the person’s present and future is changed. The story is more concentrated on Shinji’s’s and Hatsue’s’s love life. How they fell in love and later what were the consequences they had to face, how over serene Shinji’s’s life was before he fell in love with Hatsue’s and then it became unpleasant and in the end how they got each other. The hero of the novel, Shinji’s is eighteen years old, tall and well built, and a fisherman on the Taihei-maru. Shinji’s’s attitude was carefree guy who just wants to earn for his family to fill their stomachs and not much desires or ambition. When the story starts, Shinji’s returns from a day at sea and notices a girl he has never seen before on the beach. He is immediately captivated by her natural beauty and gracefulness. Hatsue’s a beautiful, charming, and sweet young girl, Hatsue’s returns to the island to live with her lonely father. Terikichi’s father of Hatsue’s, the richest man on the
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