The South's Decision: Why Did The Southern States Seceded From The Union?

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The South’s Decision STOP! Drop everything you’re doing and think! Why did the Southern states secede from the Union? Was it because of the South’s desire to be their own government or did they just do it for no good reason. The Northern States and the Southern States have always been different. The Northern States were against slavery and the Southern States were not. Slavery was such a big issue back then because for the South that was their way of living and how they made money. For the North, they viewed it as an immoral thing and that there shouldn’t be slavery in the U.S. Other factors beside slavery caused the South to leave which lead to the Civil War. The Southern States seceded from the Union because of slavery, political issues, and economic differences. First, Southern States seceded from the Union because wanted…show more content…
Abraham Lincoln represented the North and Hannibal Hamlin represented the South. “Free Speech/Free Territories/Protect American Industry” (Doc 4). The North wanted free territories to not have slavery and didn’t believe in States’ Rights and cared more about their factories. The South wanted free territories to become slave states and believed in States’ Rights. One of the many rationales for the South leaving is because of their discrepancies in politics. Third, the South left because of economic difference.”The South established a rural way of life supported by an agricultural economy based on slave labor….The North developed an intricate railway system and shipping industry to transport the manufactured goods.” (Doc 3). That quote shows that North’s way of living is based on factories and the South’s way of living is with slavery and plantations. The difference in their surroundings created them different needs,so one thing that affects the North might not affect the South.The South’s session was because their needs differed from the North’s

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