The Space Between Stars Analysis

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“The Space Between Stars” was written by Geeta Kothari. The short story is about an Indian Girl named Maya who immigrated to America at a young age. The story shows what she went threw growing up as a female immigrant and all the situations he had to overcome. Through out the story I learned that there are women who struggle to show how they feel and how brave and compassionate a woman can be. I already had a great appreciation for women because my mother raise me on her own for the first two years of my life. Reading this book only greatened my respect for women. I can never truly show how great this short story represents women but this is how the book helped me recognize the value of women in the world. Geeta Kothari portrayed Maya as…show more content…
I learned on page one hundred and four of Imprints that Shyamma raised Maya on her own after Maya’s mother and father passed away in a plane crash. The narrator explained that Shyamma once said “Understand, I had a fellowship, and I was finally free. And I was afraid if I sent you to your father’s people, we’d never see you.” Shyamma got to leave India and be free in America. She could have let Maya stay in India but she didn’t. Instead she raised Maya like she was her own. She showed both bravery and compassion giving her both masculine and feminine qualities. That action on its own proved to me that she was capable of being both mother and father for Maya. Geeta Kothari proved to me and I’m assuming a lot of men and women how valuable a woman is. Threw “The Spaces Between Stars” Geeta Kothari portrays how brave, independent and selfless a woman can be. The story showed everything a woman worries about and everything they go threw with out asking for help. Recognizing the importance of women is hard for both men and women. The short story would really benefit anyone who reads it. It helped me and I believe that anyone who reads this story will come out with a greater understanding of the value of women in the
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