The Space Race Analysis

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The Space Race was a major historical event that was seen all around the world, it’s mission was to land a man on the moon. During the time of the Space Race, the US and the USSR were rivals. The reason this crisis was so important was because the results of the Space Race would show which country had better science and technology. The analyzation shows that this event caused conflict and compromise between the USSR and the US
The Soviets accidentally provoked the space race. In 1961 the Soviets were the first to send a man to space, his name was Yuri Gagarin. ( staff 2010)The Americans thought that the Russians were trying to challenge them so the Americans pondered that they could do way better than that,
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It was tested 13 times before the actual launch. The rocket has 6 main parts. Lunar landing module, polaris, atlas S-IC, titan, and minuteman. The Saturn V was 363 feet tall, 63 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty. At the time of launch, it weighed 6.2 million pounds. (Schultz 2017)The J-2 engine had a 200,000 pound thrust. (Bodden 2012 21) In space the Saturn V would break off into just a shuttle from the rocket and drop millions of pounds into space. (Bodden 2012 17) Along with sending a man to the moon, part of the mission was to land 90,000 pounds of men, food, and equipment. (Bodden 2012…show more content…
In orbit, two astronauts, Stafford and Leonov shook hands. It symbolized the gradual increase of the US-Soviet relations. (Grady 2014) Beforehand, in their native countries there was a lot of conflict in political and economical views. JFK's speech told our people that we all need to respect each other and protect the aspects of our constitution. (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) But after the US beat the Soviets in the space race, the Soviets threatened America with nuclear bombs. The US had to do something. They made a negotiation called the Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty or SALT. (Grady 2015)This treaty bassically banned nuclear weapons. Although the relationship was still unstable, there was an easing in dialog between the two presidents. (Grady 2014) After a while of seeing Nikita Khrushchev the Premier of

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