The Spartan Weapon

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The first and most well-known weapon from the Spartan 's choice of weaponry is their spear, or 'Dory '. The Dory was a spear which was wielded by the Spartan soldiers; the Dory itself was truly a hefty spear and ranged from seven to nine feet long in length. When used by the Spartans, this spear would be wielded with only one hand which allowed for the Spartan to maintain and protect himself with his Apsis shield. When wielding the Dory to attack, the Spartan would mix both upward and downward strikes at their opponents, with both underarm and overarm use of the Dory producing slightly different results.

The Spartan shield, or 'Apsis, is renowned for being the Spartans symbol. Although many people consider the Apsis to
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As for the female Spartan girls, they were educated in classes under a slightly similar system, but with much less rigor and also took part in public competitions similar to the boys. Their education was ended when they married a Spartan man who had completed the Agoge. At the age of twenty years old, when the Agoge ended, the military service of the Spartan instantly begun. He would join one of the compulsory dining messes or clubs known as the pheiditia and syssitia, which were composed from roughly fifteen other members, which was one of Lykourgos laws, and they would eat and sleep at a public barracks together until the age of sixty. At the age of twenty, most of the men and women would also get married. At the age of thirty, the Spartan man would become a citizen with full rights and duties and would also be able to take part in the assembly of the people known as the Apella and hold…show more content…
Due to the fact how the ancient Greek gods Athena, Ares and Hephaistos all relate to war and other topics relating to war, Spartans were more than devoted to following their religion further which led them to their brutal preparation for war and strategies. Also, many ancient Greeks and modern historians believe that the Gods directly intervened within human affairs such as Hera, the wife of Zeus, driving Hercules insane leading him to murder his own wife and five children or even Perseus having a confrontation with Athena and Hermes in which they provided him with the needs to defeat Medusa: Hermes provided Perseus with winged sandals and the sickle which was used by Kronos to castrate Uranus; whilst Athena gave Perseus her shield which is said to be mirrored on the inner side so you could see your enemies behind you, and as you had to look directly into Medusa 's eyes to be turned to stone this was the only way that Perseus could see her without
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