The Speaking Experience: Reflection In The Classroom

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This paper target is to go thru the experience of authentic texts used in a lesson for a class from the Level OMA1 and as the practice has tell us not every lesson can be a home run and not every class can be a perfect experience, However, for instructors and students alike there are a few points on the methodology in order to improve and personalize the teaching and make the learning as efficient as possible crucial for the improvement of the development of the learning of the second language. Probably the most important accomplishment is motivating students to want to contribute and be involved in the classroom using a variety of the necessary language skills and thereby increasing their English ability over the time.
The Class.

Equally important is to mention the level of the class and for this purpose is
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While it is a bit of an exaggeration, students clearly feel that classroom-based speaking practice does not prepare them for the real world. Is why I choose to do small but very concrete steps on how to express a simple idea like What are the priorities on your life?, giving the example with my ideas on the board as the same time it was expressed, the students seemed to get the activity instruction clearly so they proceeded to wrote and then speak with a partner about they priorities they wrote down before.
Research by Peter Skehan5 on Task-based Learning shows that giving student’s preparation time significantly increases the range of language used in the performance of the task, whereas the accuracy of the language is not as influenced. If this is so, then it seems sensible to give students preparation time when encouraging them to use new language.

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