The Sphinx Or Science By Francis Bacon Analysis

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In Chapter “XXVIII Sphinx or Science” from the book “Of the Wisdom of the Ancients” published in 1857, written by Francis Bacon discusses the ancient mythical creature, the Sphinx. Mr. Bacon, who is an English Philosopher, describes the ancient story of the Sphinx and gives his interpretation of the purpose and thoughts of the story of the creature, and he also compares it to science. Francis Bacon describes the Sphinx as having”the face and voice of a virgin, the wings of a bird, the claws of a griffin” (Bacon 1857).In the story, the Sphinx preys on men, waiting for them to approach the area where she is located and presented them with a quite complicated riddle to solve. Typically, the men who tried their hand at the riddles would not put a logically thought into their answer. If the men got the answer wrong, without hesitation the Sphinx killed them where they stood. People became so terrified to encounter her that an offer was made by the city of Thebes to any man that could solve the Sphinx’s riddle; he would win the prize of becoming the ruling King over the city of Thebes. One man, who was considered unworthy due to his condition, took on the challenge to solve one of the Sphinx’s riddles. She gave him a riddle and he was able to solve it. After he solved the riddle, he killed the Sphinx and carried her back to the city victoriously. I agree with Bacon when he states that “The fable is an elegant and a wise one, invented apparently in allusion to Science; especially

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